August Macke, Café on the Lake, 1913





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- Blue Rider - The Moment of Abstraction

Blue Rider - The Moment of Abstraction
13 October 2019 - 16 February 2020

The important, new permanent loan to the museum of the painting "Café am See" (Café on the Lake) by August Macke from 1913 has provided an opportunity to compare the different ways the ´Blue Rider´ artists strove to reach abstraction in the years leading up to World War I. Despite the diversity of their approaches and based on each of the artists´ different theoretical notions, common roots are evident in their search for the specifically ´spiritual in art´, the attempt to find the ´essence´ in the appearance of things and to capture this in their works. Apart from Kandinsky, the ´Blue Rider´ artists drew inspiration from Orphism in France on their path towards abstraction, and especially from the painting of Robert Delaunay, with whom they personally became acquainted around 1912 and who exhibited works in Berlin and Munich at this time.

This studio exhibition at the Franz Marc Museum, based largely on the museum´s own holdings, also includes drawings and works on paper, sketch books and oil sketches in addition to paintings.

August Macke, Café am See (Café on the Lake), 1913
Franz Marc Museum, Kochel a. See
on permanent loan from a private collection