Per Kirkeby, Torso Branch, 1988





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- The "Blue Land" and the Noise of the City
- Per Kirkeby – Torso Branch


Per Kirkeby – Torso Branch
26 March – 3 October 2017

One of the aims of the Franz Marc Museum is to present the work of Franz Marc in a variety of different contexts and to highlight the dialogue between art and nature that so influenced his work. Since 2008 the Museum has been showing Franz Marc’s oeuvre in a much wider perspective, consciously placing his work within the context of 20th-century art.

By displaying Per Kirkeby’s sculpture "Torso Branch" in the Museum Park, the notion of art and nature in dialogue – that is central to the Franz Marc Museum – can be readily experienced by visitors before even entering the museum. Parallel to this, bronze figures, drawings and coloured works on paper by Per Kirkeby from the 1980s and 1990s will also be on show. Referencing Rodin, Kirkeby’s sculptural work emanates from fragments – arms, faces, torsi – that permeate the material of which they are part, as if from within. This is mirrored on the surface of the sculptures through the reflection of light.

Per Kirkeby, Torso Branch, 1988, patinated bronze
Series: 6 + 0, cast 1/6
Franz Marc Museum, Kochel a. See
Courtesy of Galerie Michael Werner