Franz Marc – Large Landscape I, 1909






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- Franz Marc – Large Landscape I


Franz Marc – Large Landscape I
15 October 2017 – 18 January 2018

"Large Landscape I" is a key work within Franz Marc’s oeuvre. His captivating composition and antinaturalistic colouration anticipate the artist’s large animal paintings from 1911 onwards. The way the four horses in the foreground of the picture are standing and the direction in which they are looking are closely tied into the idealised landscape in front of them. The history of this work’s creation, that Maria Marc described as being "damaged", is an eventful one.
According to Maria Marc “the picture was begun in spring in light colours. Painting continued all summer and well into autumn with all the changing colours of nature and then cut up.” Findings during restoration have revealed that the painting was not “cut up” but cropped on two sides.

The exhibition traces the fascinating, creative process of the picture’s evolution with the help of X rays, fragments of the work and drawings.

Franz Marc
Large Landscape I, 1909
Oil on canvas
Franz Marc Museum, Kochel a. See
Etta and Otto Stangl Foundation
Photo: Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Munich